North Haven Congregational Church To Host Sunday Meetings Beginning This Sunday, July 26 2020.

The Rev. Scott Morrow of the North Haven Congregational Church will be providing pastoral coverage for us during Shepard's leave and is giving us access to their Sunday You Tube services for the duration of the leave. This will free us from having to find weekly coverage for our own on-line services. Pastoral coverage is limited to phone calls and graveside services. The phone number for the church is 203-239-5691. Rev. Morrow can be reached directly at 203 -314-2945. There will be a couple of times during the Summer when Rev. Morrow will be away and our Board of Deacon's will be finding coverage for those periods. We will let people know when and what that coverage is when it is determined. The Sunday services begin at 9:30 am and afterwards get posted to their website for later viewing. Included in the information about how to access the services, which JoAnna will be posting, is a link one can use to send in their name if they want to be greeted during the service. There will also be a link to download the program for each week's service which are usually posted on the Friday or Saturday before each service. As noted above, the North Haven service will replace our own ZOOM service for the time being. Thank you to Rev. Morrow for his assistance to FCCW.

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