Dear Members of the UCCW Community,

I hope this finds you and your families safe and well.

Earlier this month I sent a letter to members of the UCCW Council expressing my concerns about our ability to hold two important upcoming events in the time of social distancing. The first of these is the Annual Congregational Meeting scheduled for May 17th which we will not be able to hold as scheduled because Governor Lamont’s stay-at-home order is currently scheduled to last through May 19th with no guarantee that the order will be lifted at that time. I proposed to Council that we postpone the Annual Meeting and combine it with our September Congregational Meeting scheduled for Sunday September 27th when things in the world may be back to a semblance of normalcy. This would mean that we would be asking people whose terms on boards and committees are scheduled to end June 30th to stay in those positions until September 30th. I have let the Nominating Committee know that I am willing to extend my term as Moderator until after that September meeting. The September meeting date would give the Committee more time to set a ballot for the annual elections when personal safety concerns might not inhibit people’s willingness to serve.

That being said, the year covered by our Annual Reports that are usually presented at the Annual meeting remains May 1, through April 30, and I encouraged people who are required to submit a report to begin working on those so that we can maintain the reporting year. I realize that this may be difficult for anyone who needs access to the church office to get information for their report, but it would be good to get these done if possible.

My other concern is the Strawberry Festival scheduled for June 12th. We should be organizing this now, but it seems difficult to organize an event that may not be allowed to occur in the end and might not get us the results we typically expect, both in terms of volunteer time and attendance if it could be held. The spring and early summer events that I am privy to are being postponed, if not cancelled, to late summer or early fall and we could consider organizing an event either combined with or in addition to the Arts Festival. I have already received one suggestion to for a Peach Cobbler event. I have also received a request that we consider holding at least a modified Strawberry Festival at some time over the summer. It would be useful to hear from more people about their thoughts on this matter since both would require volunteer time from the congregation.

Thanks to everyone who has continued working for First Church during this crisis including those who have been staying in touch with members of the congregation. Stay safe and healthy. I hope that we will be able to meet in-person soon.

Bill More, Moderator

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