First Church has been live streaming for several months. Now we have created a new position.

Video & Audio Specialist.

Job Overview

The individual will operate the production of worship services live streaming on YouTube (FCCWoodbridge), ZOOM and other online content. We are committed to project FCCW’s messages digitally to members and friends and to the wider community. The candidate should have experience producing video content, including live streaming and video filming. Capable high school and college students are encouraged to apply. Please contact the church office: (203)389-2119.

Skills Wanted

· Knowledge of Live Streaming video and audio equipment requirements

· OBS or other live streaming software on PC computer

· Photograph and produce videos of events

· No experience required. Training available.

Work Requirements

· Reports to Personnel Committee

· Initiate and manage live streaming and ZOOM, 2 hours, Sunday.

· Pre-arranged additional sessions day or evenings as needed

· Support planning meetings and work sessions up to 2 hours per week.


Please email Jack Jones at if you are interested or know of someone who may be interested. Thank you!

First Church of Christ, Woodbridge

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