Auden Gabriel Paxton

When I hear the word miracle, I usually think of those supernatural events that can’t be explained but have changed the world for good. You know, God parting the Red Sea to free Israel from slavery, Jesus feeding the 5,000 and his resurrection. If God were to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and take away our fear, our grief and our tears; that would be a miracle. Miracles are any experience that reveal the glory, the power and the love of God. The reality is that God is performing miracles all the time and everywhere. After all, Spring has arrived. The outpouring of compassion and desire to help others during these times is miraculous. For me, experiencing human connection through FaceTime, Zoom and the phone is a miracle.

God performed the most powerful of miracles the other day: Jackie Gleisner and Ryan Paxton welcomed Auden Gabriel into their family and the world. In every moment God is bringing new life into the chaos and uncertainty of the world. And by God’s grace we are given the eyes to witness it. Yes, babies are being born all the time and each one is the sign and promise of God’s gift of love for us and hope for the world.

Auden and his mom and dad are doing well and he can’t wait to meet you all in person. In the meantime, Jackie and Ryan have made a short video to introduce him to you through the link below.

May the miracle that is fill your hearts with hope and joy!


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