03-25-20 Meditation

Good afternoon. I hope all of you are well and healthy and making your way through these uncharted times. I encourage you to continue doing the things that are important for your health and that of the community: staying connected through whatever means you have, praying for each other and the world, eating well, getting some exercise, doing something that gives you joy, keeping up with your gratitude journal, and the myriad of ways you’re able to stay well, sane and hopeful.

One important way of keeping your spirits up is in helping others. Here’s one way: Yale-New Haven Hospital has put out a request for homemade face masks. Here is but one way that helps address the needs of the community and meets our own need to serve. Below you’ll find the link that lays everything out for you. If you’re able and willing, go for it. If not, keep praying and we’ll continue looking for ways we might serve others from home.

Many thanks to you all for making calls to one another, for helping folks with groceries and medicine pick up, for keeping each other in prayer and the many other ways we’re staying connected while we’re apart.

The Bible tells many stories of how Jesus kept in touch with the disciples. Through the Holy Spirit he was constantly comforting them, calling them into community, filling them with compassion, conveying the gift of hope, and filling their days — and ours — days with life and the promise of eternal life. By the grace of God, we will see this through.

May all your days be filled with the joy and hope that comes from the faith that we are never alone.

In the Peace of Christ,


Homemade Face Masks

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