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The Doors of the Meetinghouse

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All are welcome to join in

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 Welcome Luke and Alana! 

Congratulations to Luke Beerli and Alana Beerli on making their Confirmation on Sunday, January 10, 2021. We welcome these amazing individuals into our parish family, as matured young adults, with full hearts and open arms. The First Church of Christ is truly blessed to have sponsored your faithful commitments to God.

Beerli Confirmation 2.jpeg
Beerli Confirmation.jpeg

"Bloomin' Hearts"

A Valentine's Day Fundraiser for Christian Education

"What the world needed now,

was love, sweet love"...and flowers!

This year, February 13th was a grey, snowy day. It was the perfect day to hear a knock on the door and receive a beautiful Valentine's Day bouquet! Thank you to all who supported the "Bloomin' Hearts" project this year. It is with this kind of thoughtfulness and generosity, that our parish will bloom within our community as a source of hope and renewal in days to come.


Our signature card, with illustrations by our Sunday School students, Atria and Myla Papst.


"This is just what the church needs. We need to find more ways like this to reach out to one another."


"Its wonderful that the kids are so involved. They do a fabulous job!"


"Just beautiful! What a gift and what an opportunity to give."

summer planning time is now!

Bucket & Spade



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Some of our best ideas

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Tell us what you would like to see our program do

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your community.

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We welcome all children 3 - 10 years to join our classes immediately following Sunday Service.

Youth Group meets at 6pm on Sundays for ages 11-17.

Director of Christian Education

Welcome JoAnna Rubino!

             It is with great excitement that we welcome JoAnna Rubino onto our staff. She has been working in our office on a temporary basis since October and now has been officially hired as our Office Manager beginning March 2. She is hardworking, creative, welcoming and I am pleased she will be representing us in the front office. But wait, there’s more! The Board of Christian Education has called her to be the new Director of our Christian Education program. JoAnna is a person of deep faith. She is an artist and a musician, with a wealth of teaching experience, who brings with her a passion for creating inspiring programs through which our children and youth can learn about our faith and explore it. Welcome JoAnna, we’re grateful God has brought us together in service to Jesus Christ!

Care Pumpkin Rosson.jpg
Care Pumpkin Georgia.jpg
Seasonal Pumpkins

Care Pumpkin Project Photos!

Care Pumpkin Kimnach.jpg
Care Pumpkin Bobbi.jpg
Care Pumpkin Hilkka.jpg
Care Pumpkin Ryder.jpg

What a Success!



Earth and Space

                               All Are Welcome! 

   Contact JoAnna about enrollment and volunteer opportunities.


Please contact JoAnna Rubino for more information on our Christian Education Programs