Why Journey With Us?

Our Mission

Our mission is God directed.  It is to live the life God has called us to live and be the people he knows us to be.  The Church is the center of our mission as we listen to the voice of God leading us ever closer to His purpose.  Within the arms of our Church we come to know His love, His grace, His forgiveness and His strength.  We explore our faith. We deepen our faith.  We experience our faith as a smile on our face. It is life giving.  Our mission is more than the heart of our Church.  It is a clear call to action.

Our Vision

We are a covenantal church. Our agreement is to support one another as we grow in faith, with the Scriptures as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our inspiration.

Our Journey

 We don’t claim to be perfect! Each of us is on a journey in faith, and none of us is in a position to judge others.

Worship with us

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM
First Church of Christ Woodbridge

A Safe Place to Explore

Email: Office@uccw.org

Phone: 203-389-2119


5 Meetinghouse Lane,

Woodbridge CT 06525

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