The Search and Renewal Committee

The Search and Renewal Committee is searching.

We are meeting weekly via Zoom. We have successfully filled the pulpit through June so that we are able to offer in person services. That is to say, everyone is welcome to come to church and worship together. We will continue offering streaming and Zoom services for those who prefer not to gather. We have developed a mini church profile to circulate to potential pastors. We have explored ways of finding, interviewing and assessing candidates. We are seeking a bridge minister who would help us figure out what we mean by renewal, how a renewal process happens, and if its possible for our church. Who are we? We are Roger Calistro, Jesse Hubbard, Sue Stoddard, Judi Reynolds, Rich Forselius, Penny Rogers. We welcome your thoughts and concerns as this process moves along. It is your church. It is our church. Let’s build together!

- Penny Rogers


On Call Pastor:
Reverend Janice Touloukian

Pastoral Coverage
Pastoral coverage is currently being provided by the Reverend Janice Touloukian. Rev. Touloukian is an experienced minister regarding personal matters and supporting those in need of pastoral advice. She can be reached by telephone at: 203-387-4991.

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