We just love to display photos of our beautiful New England church as it changes shapes and color throughout the seasons. Most of our images have been submitted by parishioners and community members. Please enjoy and share the ones you love with others!


Trimming Bee 2021

"Woodbridge Like Me" Town Event

"Remember the A la Mode"

October 2, 2021


Easter Sunday 2021


The Rev. Shepard Parsons Exhibit

In Appreciation of Shepard's Contribution to the Arts

Reverend Shepard Parsons was not only a lover of the arts, he was also an artist himself. In 2019, the church celebrated its first annual Arts and Music Festival. Amidst the invigorating music of a steel drum band, the smiles and steps of square dancing, and tables of kids kids crafting in all colors, the church was host to its own art show. Local artists, both amateurs and professionals, brought in their unique creations to share with the people of the community. At home amongst pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolors, the paintings and photographs contributed by Shepard Parsons added an element of friendly welcome and parish pride.

We hope you enjoy viewing some of Shepard's unique creations below.