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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Greetings Parishioners! Please consider ordering one of our gorgeous "Care Planters" to raise money for the Christian Services COVID Relief Fund. What a wonderful way to show that we care for each other and for those suffering around us. You will find all the information you need below. Thank you in advance for your support and contributions to this important cause. With blessings, JoAnna Care Planters - Sponsored by the Board of Christian Education A "Care Planter" is an outdoor planter, crafted and assembled by our Sunday School and Youth Groups in effort to raise money for the Christian Services COVID Relief Fund. A Care Planter includes: - An outdoor pot with colorful annual flowering plants - Handmade decoration and miniature American flag - A personalized card, thoughtfully written by a member of the youth group (F.U.S.E.) - Your special message to recipient (optional) Deliveries: When? The weekend of June 13 & 14 (Children’s Service Weekend) How? Care Planters and cards will be delivered and dropped off at the recipient’s door while kids wave greetings from the car. We will call ahead to ensure a contactless delivery. *Only local deliveries will be offered, ex. Bethany, Woodbridge, Ansonia. (Special exceptions may be made by the drivers.) Ordering Ahead: ! All orders must be received no later than Friday June 5th! - To order Care Planters, click on the button “ORDER CARE PLANTERS” located at the top right of our website homepage. - Use the link to email the following information: 1. Your name 2. Your phone number and email address 3. Recipient’s Name 4. Recipient’s Address 5. Special Message (optional) *You may also email JoAnna directly at Payment: - Care Planters are available for a $50 donation. - Please mail checks to: First Church of Christ 5 Meetinghouse Lane Woodbridge, CT 06524 - All proceeds will be donated to the Christian Services COVID Relief Fund.

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